Our organization, Houston Water Heater Experts, offers comprehensive plumbing services, including water heater installations and troubleshooting, ensuring reliable solutions for issues such as pilot light malfunctions and thermostat problems.

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How to Light a Water Heater
Gas water heater not working

Pilot Light Issues If your gas water heater is not working, inspect the pilot lamp. If it's out followed the manufacturer's instructions to relight it. Ensure the flame is steady and blue. If it won't stay lit or appears yellow there may be a ventilation issue or a problem with the thermocouple.

Thermostat Malfunction Insufficient warming may result from a broken thermostat. Examine the heating system settings and adjust if necessary. If the difficulty persists our experts in Houston Texas recommend consulting our professionals to assess and potentially replace the thermostat.

Gas Supply Problem
Gas Supply Problems

Confirm that the gas present in your water heater is uninterrupted. Check the gas valve to make certain it's fully open. If you smell gas or suspect a gas leak immediately turn off the gas and ventilate the area, Contact our company for emergency assistance.

Tankless Professional Services
Best practices for tankless water heater installation

Professional Assessment
Our individuals excel at giving a thorough evaluation before tankless water heaters are set up. Our skilled technicians evaluate your resides particular needs, offering the right size and type of tankless unit for optimal usefulness and efficiency.

Expert Installation Techniques
Count on our professional crew for advanced approaches to placement that go beyond industry standards. We hire competent tools and follow best practices to install tankless water heaters with precision, ensuring reliable operation and longevity.

Customized Solutions for Gas Heaters
Customized Solutions

We understand that every home is unique. Our organisation focuses on delivering personalised remedies during tankless heater installation. From addressing space constraints to optimizing energy impact, our approach ensures your tankless water heater meets your specific requirements, providing unmatched performance and satisfaction.

50-Gallon Hot Water System
Efficient 50 Gallon Heater Setup

Houston Water Heater Experts excels in present tips on ideal sizing for a 50 litre heater assembly. Our experienced professionals assess your household's hot water needs making sure that the selected unit matches your usage patterns. This ensures saving energy and prevents unnecessary oversizing promoting an affordable and economical heated water system.

Models with Low Energy Use
In our 50 gallon heater sets our workers in Houston TX prioritise electricity conservation. We offer a range of energy reduction products that adhere to the latest industry standards. These units improve heating processes reducing energy consumption and lowering utility bills without compromising on hot water supply.

Water Heater Services
Professional Installation Services

Achieving a resourceful 50 gallon water heater setup is not only about selecting the right unit but also ensuring proper setup. Our skilled technicians at our company are trained to install heaters efficiently considering factors like ventilation safety measures and manufacturer specifications.

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